About Us

Offering Hand Crafted, Authentic Indian Arts & Crafts in Cherokee, NC

Bearmeat's Indian Den was founded to present only the best in local arts and crafts, created in the homes of our local people of Cherokee, NC. During summer and fall, we arrange several weekends of "hands-on" demonstrations with some of our local artists. Come and see our lovely shop any time of the year.

Our summer hours are 9 am til 6 pm. Our winter hours are 9 am til 5 pm. We are closed on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

ADDRESS: 4210 Wolfetown Road - Cherokee, NC

PHONE: 828-497-4052


David you have the best shop of real Native American crafts, canned local food, fresh apples, just about anything you need. You are always our favorite place to go when we shop for all kinds of items that you carry. Whenever we go to Cherokee, NC we make sure to stop by and see you and buy soaps, candles, pickled vegetables, dry beans, Country cured ham hocks, jerky, boiled peanuts, soda, etc....and real Cherokee pottery, and leather, etc.... You just have too much to list.

Dave Jones

This is the best store in the area. We went into many of the stores while on vacation and this one I not only bought from while in the mountains. I have already made one order and I am looking to place a second order. If you never tried the Buffalo Jerky, it is worth the purchase.

Susan B Novello

We really enjoyed spending time there today! Thanks for all the information and making our Anniversary trip even more special!! PS Love my new earrings!!

Deb Freshour Cutlip‎

Thanks to Liz Lutz Smith I am enjoying some of your delicious pumpkin butter on this dreary Fall Florida day. It's the best I've ever had!

Melissa Patton

We were there this past Monday and you guys have a great place of business and really good customer service..We bought apples, banana nut bread, water, candy, beet jelly and apple butter ..The hubby gets one good vacation a yr. and for the past few yrs. we've ended up in your neck of the woods..LOL..I love the mountains..Thanks again for your help and your kindness while we were there

Teresa W. Mcpherson

Had a great time here last week...this place is the "real deal" if you want to see REAL Cherokee Indian crafts, etc. The staff is very pleasant and we plan to stop by again on va-ca next year.

Linda Vassilion

Had a great time stopping and talking with the owners...they were very friendly and hope to see them again when we return in May! Thanks for chatting with us and we love our trinkets that we bought. Love meeting new people.

Misty Edwards